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Here’s a handy list of all topics covered on the blog so far. Don’t see your question answered here? Send it to


Auditions: What Not to Wear  Angela covers the fraught topic of audition outfits, explaining why you got those weird comments from the last panel about your shoes, and how to dress for success.

Audition Rep!  Which aria? Why? Answers here.

A Few More Audition Tips More thoughts on the whole process, including outfits and resumes and whatnot.

BSR Audition Tips Things to think about when preparing for BSR Annual Auditions. 

BSR Audition Tips Coda  Things that occurred to me after watching the BSR Annual Auditions. 

Singing While Sick Should you cancel? Shouldn’t you? Tips on how to make the dreaded call.


Resumes, Emails, and Websites, Oh My  Tips for designing a resume that matches where you are in the business, communication tips, and website ideas. It’s a long one.

A Few More Helpful Resume Tips  More thoughts on resumes, more helpful tips…I guess this one is kind of self-explanatory.


Communication Pro Tip A suggestion for how to navigate the technology sea. 

Getting Real: The Correlating Career A special guest post from Dana Lynn Varga of MetroWest Opera on a great method for building a healthy economic life in music. 

The Almost Most Important Thing Four basic guidelines to business correspondence for singers. Surprisingly important these days. 

The Art of the Decline  How to say “no”. Nicely.

A Quick Tip on Social Media  Watch ye thine Facebook posts, ye sinners.

On Cancelling  How to say “can’t”. Nicely.

A Backstage Tip  This is about Stage Managers. Short, but vital.

Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille  A guest post from Maestro Jung-Ho Pak of Cape Symphony on the value of video clips.

On Rejection  How to cope with this part of the work. This awful, awful, awful yet totally unavoidable, intrinsic-to-the-work part of the work.

Success…  Angela discusses the state of the opera business, what success really looks like these days, and why you shouldn’t think of yourself as a failure if you’re not a full-time singer. Spoiler: it’s not you.

YAPPITY YAP  All things summer programs. What they’re for and how to pick them.

A Special Guest Post by Elaine Crane!  Elaine Crane of Greater Worcester Opera details “12 Reasons to Be in an Opera Chorus”.


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